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I'm a Creative Industries Entrepreneur,
Instructional Designer and Lecturer.
With Audio Engineering expertise in
Sound Design and Game Audio.

Multi-disciplinary at heart,
working with clients all around the world.

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From cognitive science to instructional design and from educational experience blueprints to everyday teaching techniques, education is about progress and progress is about constant forward motion. To learn how to learn is the first step of a successful and fulfilling life.

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What makes us create, what motivates and inspires us to allow our fantasy to run wild and create art, invent solutions, progress humanity? Is there a process, a blueprint or some commons tools? One thing is certain, creativity is one of humanity’s most known features.

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Sound Design

Sound is omnipresent and with a solid approach in production, it can be a life-transforming experience for your audience. Designing sound can be implemented everywhere, from architecture to music and from video-games to education. I can hear a better world!

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A way of life, applicable to all human economic activities. Living on a planet with finite resources, humanity is sustainable only if there is constant pursuit of innovation and creativity, not just for personal gain but also for the common good. Can you dig it?

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Everything starts from you. And to be productive, creative, happy, is to feel well. Wellness is more than a trendy work used in blogs and mobile apps, is more than eating green or running every day. Wellness is about living a full life at the peak of your performance.

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Read about stories from my life, the news that I would like to share with you and updates form my work. Some insights regarding my projects and developments on future endeavors. Sometimes I also post related news that I find of interest from the disciplines that I follow.

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My Work

This is more than a simple portfolio. Here I list the complete collection of my work, but I also go further, describing the story behind each project, many insights and related information. Here you can read about how I landed a job and even laugh with some fun facts.

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